Decorum Company is a quality label and combines the forces of dozens of specially selected plant and flower growers with the same passion for all things green.

The quality label Decorum stands for:

  • a high-quality product that the grower has selected for you carefully
  • the plant or flower is grown with a great deal of care and passion
  • the product is cultivated with love and respect for nature

Goos Hofland is one of the growers that was involved in setting up Decorum Plants. Producer organisation Decorum Company has now grown to become an organisation with more than 60 affiliated plant and flower growers with a wide range of different beautiful products that are shipped all around the world.

To carry the Decorum label, our products meet high quality requirements. To do this, we utilise standards that serve as thread running throughout our nursery. This begins with the basics: the way in which the plant grows in the greenhouse and how we care for the plant. Finally, we carefully select the best quality plants that can be sold under the quality label.

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